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Hey everybody and welcome to my website ! My name is Tatyana Van Huffel; I am a cake designer from Belgium, living close to the city of Ghent. I am also a mom of 2. I have been growing my own business for 10 years.  

I baked cakes for Universal and Facebook Belgium and one of my cakes made it on "ABC news" in the "good morning America"show. I have my own baking book in Dutch and English. I love everything about cake design and especially cake toppers. I am self-taught, so I do everything in my own specific sort of way. I started baking when I was 20 and have never stopped since. If you like my work, you can always take a look at my tutorials and learn yourself! 

Unfortunately, is it not possible to send or ship my cakes outside of Belgium. So you can only order my cakes if your prepared to make a trip to Belgium! 

Xoxo Tatyana

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