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Logo Taarten Tatyana

General conditions

If you would like to order a cake, please send a private message to facebook page cakes tatyana or via email. Cakes are only available for collection in our store in Asper (Belgium). Cakes cannot be delivered or shipped. For cakes that have to be transported for longer than 1 hour, we strongly recommend that you provide a polystyrene box yourself. Waiting list = about 8 to 9 months

Unfortunately, is it not possible to send or ship my cakes outside of Belgium. Of course you're more then welcome to pick up your cake in our store in Asper (Belgium). If you have to travel a long distance, it is necessary to bring an isomo box to transport the cake back home.

For the sale of tutorials / videos (for visitors from all countries - online)

The tutorials are paid immediately when placing the online order. After receiving your payment, you will automatically receive the tutorials sent to the email address you provided. It is therefore not possible to cancel or return orders.

The files are for personal use only. It is prohibited to share these with third parties or on external platforms.

Do you have any questions about purchasing tutorials? Please feel free to contact me.


Responsible person

Taarten Tatyana
Carlos Dierickxplein 2
9890 Gavere
09 384 16 42

Contact me

Do you have a question or something you want to share with me? Feel free to get in touch.


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